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Egg Powder Plant




Egg Powder Plant : -

Food and Dairy tech can supply egg powder manufacturing plant that can produce fine powder from fresh eggs. Our unit egg powder plant is an 100% export oriented unit with advanced features and can be maintained at a low cost. The egg powder manufactured by our plants meet the international quality standards. This plant is fully automated and has a well equipped quality assurance laboratory to test birds, feed and egg powder.

Hygiene is one aspect that we especially take care of while manufacturing plants. We make sure that our plants manufacture pure powder and do not affect the quality. Egg powder manufacturing follows a particular process in the following manner-

  • Breaking of eggs
  • Removing the shell
  • Filtration
  • Storage
  • Drying and
  • Packaging
Each egg contains 50-55 GM slurry which contains 22-25% 'total solids'. Egg powder can be reconstituted and can be used for a variety of purposes including- omelette's preparation, baking purpose and for several other value-added products. While eggs are prone to breakage during transportation, egg powder are completely safe and has a longer shelf-life.


Further concentration takes place in the evaporator. This plant operates under a vacuum, which lowers the boiling point of the liquid. Here, the 16% total solids whey is concentrated to 52% total solids by boiling off water.

The concentrated whey is stored in crystallisation vats for up to 12 hours to allow the lactose to crystallise. After crystallisation, the whey concentrate is pumped to the Niro Spray Dryer where it is further dried, leaving Demineralised Whey Powder with a water content of 2%. The finished product is then packed into 25kg or 1-tonne bags ready for sale on the domestic or export markets.

The processing plant includes two lines for individually wrapped processed cheese slices and one for non-individually wrapped sliced caterers' packs. The Quality Assurance System includes cheese grading, check weighing and metal detection in the packing lines.

The cutting and packaging equipment for natural cheeses includes a vacuum packaging line, a Cryovac shrink tunnel and a bag loader for 1kg, 2.5kg and 10kg blocks. There are two flow wrap gas flush lines for 250g, 500g, 750g and 1kg blocks, and a Multivac portion line which also handles Bega Stringers.

These lines can handle contract specifications and alternative weight packs. Bega Cheese now has the potential to manufacture and distribute 18,000 tonnes of natural cheese and 12,000 tonnes of processed cheese each year.

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